p4It Is Never Business As Usual . . .

The leadership of Sisters Home Care (SHC) brings to the table over 22 years combined experience of both the home care and home maker services, offering the unique abilities that are provided in the home maker and companion services.  

These combined skills make SHC stand apart from all other home maker and companion services companies.

She is called “Lady Vee.”  Ms. Verona Janes is the President and Chief Executive Administrator of Sisters Home Care, LLC (of Florida).  Her primary concerns are predicated on the absolute and essential skills set of “caring” about her clients and patients.  Herself a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), she is also CPR Certified, and has other certifications as well in areas of Alzheimer’s Patients Monitoring, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Domestic Violence, AIDS/HIV Awareness, Prevention of Medical Errors, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis responsiveness. 

Though not components for the SHC administration, Ms. Janes’ experience places a positive grip on the foundational values on which she builds the company.  These are combined in the benefits and features that SHC offers.  These values are the prevalent guidelines on which SHC is able to administer proper monitoring of the patient’s home upkeep, the wholesomeness of the environment,  as well as the companion amenities that augments the essential functions required of the home maker associates.

Under her administration, the team of professionally-trained associates, shares the synergy that Lady Vee exemplifies;  that which is centered on both her requirements and aspirations to provide the ultimate quality service to all clients and patients. 

Her philosophy:  “Quality assurance of our services is grounded in our core values, wherein all aspects of SHC’s overhaul activities are monitored by someone who understands, and is willing to provide those quality services with compassionate and skill.  Our consistency is that we roll out the red carpet, not the red tape when servicing our clients.”