Grocery Shopping

A photo by Clem Onojeghuo.

Let’s go shopping!

SHC associates are trained to assist as personal shoppers, grocery shoppers, and as inventory control aides (ICAs) for items consumed. The associate who is assigned as home care or home maker, has the responsibility to work with clients, to ensure that they receive the best quality assistance in purchasing their essentials – whether personal or for the home.

Additionally, unless otherwise instructed by the client, a careful, thought-out checklist is compiled and followed with utmost care and respect relevant to the specific guidelines set by the client.

The preparation of meals is also an essential component to the similarities of services, in that, should the food preparation be needed, the associate is also responsibility to bringing the need of nutritionally-desirable groceries for the management and preparation of meals.

We are looking forward to supporting the needs of our clients in the capacity of an assistant  in securing their home-based grocery and/or personal shopping needs.

Sisters Home Care associates are able to respond within
an 8-hour time frame to service your account.